Ready to Say I Do?

Gone were the days where June was considered as the ideal month to marry. Well, as for me, it’s perfect to marry during summer time. I, for one, will celebrate our 3rd Anniversary later this month. Getting married is not an easy decision.

Getting married will come after engagement. Oh yes, one of the most awaited moment of every woman is the proposal stage. Though not all marriage proposals ended up to be successful but still the fact remains that the feeling of excitement and happiness is very undeniable.

For men who wanted to make marriage proposals, make it as the most exciting and memorable moment for her. Give her the best engagement ring. You can get it from Reeds engagement rings. Their diamond engagement rings are exceptionally elegant.


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Unaccounted Responsibility

‘Wait ‘til you become one’

I often hear this adage from a colleague referring to the comment of those who are higher in authority to its subordinates. But I can also relate these words to my life as a parent. During my early years, the one phrase that I hate to hear was when a parent emphasize to his children that the latter owe them big for raising them.

I beg to disagree!

courtesy of Google image

As a parent, it is our responsibility to raise our kids, nurture them and provide them their basic needs. Why? Because in the first place, it is never their fault that they were born except if the mother got pregnant out of her will. Parent should not oblige their children to return to them everything that they have invested for them to become successful. Let our children do the act of giving back out of their willingness and gratefulness for everything that we have done for them. Children who are grateful to their parent will really return such favor when they become successful. If we are the kind of parents who just cannot afford to provide everything that our children need, let us stick to what is really necessary. We should let our children understand the situation. Children can easily appreciate the efforts exerted by their parents in order for them to survive but that’s it, we, parents, should not account them for all the sacrifices that we have done for them. We must face our responsibility with gladness, not longing for any return of investment from our children.

Just saying

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An Awesome Room Design

room de


I can’t help but notice the awesomeness of this design and I want to have the same design for my babies when they grow up! I like it because of its practical design. The walls doesn’t come empty. It becomes a usable wall. Whoever designed this is a real genius! It looks easy to do and I guess it is made of light materials (except for the bed of course). The loft looks so nice indeed. I have seen many designs similar to this and so far they are all good!

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5 Tips for Middle Aged Women to Feel 20 Years Younger

image not mine

In today’s youth obsessed culture, 40 is now considered the new 20 and 50 is considered the new 30. So what does “middle aged” really mean? For many of us, being “middle aged” means being at least 60 or over, which makes no sense when you factor in the average life expectancy for women in Australia is around 85. So, for the sake of this article we’ll imagine “middle age” is in the 40 to 50 year old (and beyond) bracket.

Every day we are inundated with media images of women like Jane Fonda who is now in her 70s, Cher, who is in her late 60s and other well known celebrities who seem to have defied the ageing process. We would be fools to believe they’ve done it without a lot of medical intervention, but it’s their attitude to themselves and their life that gets noticed.It’syour attitude to life that makes you feel and look young, so here’s what you can do to make yourself feel at least 20 years younger.

Make Time for Your Partner

When asked what kept her looking so young, actor Elizabeth Taylor frequently answered “Love”. What she in fact meant was making love, and lots of it. The act of lovemaking has often been cited as an elixir of youth and the scientists back it up with their…ahem…research. After all, it raises your pulse rate, pumping more blood around your body; it involves a degree of aerobic exercise,and heck, it’s just plain fun, which has got to be good for your mental health. To add a new youthful sparkle, why not be a little Naughty But Nice? You’re never too old for toys!

Eat Well

One of the reasons we live longer than our ancestors is because we have so much nutritious and healthy food available to us. Following a fresh, nutritious diet is the keystone of looking and feeling younger. The other major keystone is drinking water, and gallons of it! Water keeps our bodies, and more importantly our skin, hydrated and therefore moist and plump. An ardent exponent for drinking water, just have a look at Elle McPherson’s skin as she approaches 50.

Look After Your Skin

Treat yourself to a facial at least once a month. Your face is the first thing people notice about you, so why not make it the best face you can? A good beauty therapist will use products designed for your skin type to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize  and make you feel like a new woman. A facial is not just good for how you look; it doubles as a treat to make you feel fabulous as well, so how much better can it get?

Update Your Wardrobe

We’ve all seen it – 50 year old women who look like they’re waiting for the local Nursing Home bus and 50 year old women who look stunning. It’s all in the clothes you wear and how you wear them.If you are totally clueless, look online for a stylist in your area or visit the local boutique. Many of the large department stores have stylists in store that will help you.If you love clothes, define your style and then own it. Nothing will make you feel 20 years younger than a compliment about how good you look!

Lighten Up!

Don’t take life too seriously. Heck, you haven’t got an eternity to spend bemoaning your lot in life, so get over it and move on. It’s a scientific fact that happy people suffer from less illnesses and live longer, so what have you got to lose by putting a smile on your dial?

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The Devastating Effect of Divorce

Before I decided to get married, I already made a promise to myself that I will do everything to keep my marriage forever. I came from a broken family and I don’t want my children to feel what I felt. Now that I get married, I slowly grasp the reality of being in a marriage relationship. They said, it takes two to tango, so does marriage. Both husband and wife should help one another to keep their marriage works.

Marriage is not at all times a bed of roses. There are so many challenges and even adversaries that will really test your patience and love for each other. Any marital conflicts that remains unsolved will lead to divorce. The effects of divorce varies among those who are affected, not to mention the children. In my case, I did not allow my parents’ separation to ruin my future so I strive harder and made it a point to earn a degree thinking that when I will become a professional, every men will respect me and I will have a greater chance of finding the right man for me. However, not all children with divorced parents took the situation positively. In most noted cases, affected children tends to resort to drugs and other life-threatening acts.

In US alone, their divorce rates are so alarming. As what the infographic conveys, divorce not only occurs during the first marriage. Being in the second or third marriages doesn’t guarantee a hopeful individual that such marriage will last. Though statistic shows that divorce rate for couple with children is lower than those without children, still divorce has really a devastating effect and something should be done in order to minimize such cases.

What are the possible causes of divorce? Could it be one is falling out of love? Was there any third party? Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that, the future of the marriage relationship lies on the couple and how they behave when being tried and tested.

No marriage counselor nor love guru can really set a definite guidelines for lasting marriage relationship. We have known a lot of celebrity couples whom seems perfect for each other yet ended up in divorce. What could be the cause? Only the couple can really tell.

I have known some married couples in my whole life whom I truly admired. Their relationship is far from perfect yet they stick closer and stronger everyday. Why? Because the said couples spend quality family time by traveling together, playing together, and doing a lot of things together. These couples valued family time and I want to imitate them.

I have been married for more than two years and if I have to be honest I would say that me and my partner went through a lot. We have now two children and there are really times that it feels like giving up. But then I am constantly reminded of the promise that I made before I got married- to keep it last ’til I die.

When in trouble, divorce should be the last of all the least options.

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Overcoming Emotional Turmoil

I guess none of us has been spared with emotional-related baggage in our heart. In as much as we want to live peacefully and harmoniously to everyone especially those who are within our sphere of influence, it is inevitable that there are cases where we just cannot avoid it. There are really times wherein our patience are push to the limit and that is where conflict begins.

I am the type of person who wants to be at peace with anyone. However, I have this attitude that once provoked will easily explode. I know it is not right but I just cannot control my temper once I am being messed up. I am still learning the value of self-control and honestly I badly need it right now. I can forgive but I cannot easily forget. I am just thankful to God because despite of being me, I am still being reminded through his Words that love should be on top of everything because love can cover a multitude of sin.

Nonetheless, prayer, is still the best way of overcoming emotional turmoil.

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Playing the Exciting Baritone Sax Reeds

Google image

When I was still in High School, I signed up for the Glee Club and I love the versatility of our mentor. He does not only teach us voice lessons, he also knows how to play different musical instruments. He was also coaching the Rondalla Club and maybe that would explain his expertise. After more than a decade, I saw him once performing in a musical recital in one of our malls. He was no longer teaching in my alma mater but he own a training school for music. The last time I saw him, he was playing along with his trainees. Apart from playing percussive instruments, how I wish seeing him playing exciting baritone sax reeds too! I find it so impressive seeing someone who can play such kind of instruments. It takes constant practice and proper breathing to be an expert player of it. I now have an idea on how my babies will spend their summer time in the future. I am going to enroll them in musical schools and have them learn the beauty of music.

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My Babies On Wheels

Jeush, 2 years old, Jerusha, 7 months old

My precious babies on wheels

Last week, while cleaning the house, my hubby suggested using the walker of my son for our 7 month old princess. When we have her tried it, she seems enjoying the feeling of independence. That picture perfect above shows how happy she was! But of course, our little boy steal the moment by stealing the scene making the walker just like a toy car LOL!

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Installing Great Windows and Making Them Beautiful


Warping, low quality, or improperly installed windows in your home can account for a huge chunk of your energy budget. As your father would say, “We’re not paying to heat (or cool) the outdoors!” When you’ve got leaky windows, your house will just not be comfortable. Investing in high-quality vinyl windows such as Polar Seal windows is the first step to brightening up the “eyes of your home.” Once you have the windows that will help reduce your energy consumption, you can dress them in all kinds of ways to beautify your interiors.

 Why Vinyl?

You have three major choices when it comes to installing new windows: vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Aluminum, though less expensive, is also a very good thermal conductor, meaning that the metal conducts heat easily. This is terrible in both cold winters and hot summers, where your windows can actually work against your best interests and raise your heating or cooling costs. If you have eliminated aluminum as an option, then, you have to decide between vinyl and wood. Wood, though a natural material, demands a lot of maintenance in order to prevent warping from water or sun. You will also need to sand and paint it regularly. If you don’t want to fuss with windows nearly every year for the rest of your life, vinyl becomes the clear choice. Vinyl is tough and durable and comes in multiple finishes. If you want wood without the maintenance, a “wood grain” vinyl window will save you plenty of time and effort. Even more importantly, vinyl windows have great insulating value and are resistant to all the rotting, corrosion, and insect damage that befalls wood or aluminum windows.

 Dressing Up Your Vinyl

Now that your new windows are in, how will you dress them up? Because they are very insulated, you don’t have to worry about lined draperies in order to keep out drafts. Instead, lined drapes will help seal out light in a bedroom, for instance. But drapes or curtains aren’t your only options. Blinds and shades also control light and protect privacy, or you can combine shades or blinds with drapes. There are a wide variety of window coverings to choose from. Read window dressing or home decorating books or websites to get ideas, and work to match the color, style, or theme of your rooms and overall home décor. When you have great windows such as Polar Seal windows, the joy will be in knowing that you are decorating to suit your design sensibilities and not in order to protect your home from winter drafts or searing summer heat. Your investment in high-quality vinyl windows will feel like a double blessing.

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Looking Forward To Our Annual Family Reunion

Since I got married, I missed our family reunion. Most often, it is held in other places and transporting with babies is not easy at all. However, I always look forward that someday I get to join again the family reunion because the last time I have it, I was still single. But I can still remember how was it the last time. Couples and young ones have different sessions. The couples together with the organizer talks about the future plans and since we are all confined in a limited space, usually at the beach, we can actually hear all their plans since the speaker uses microphones.

Kustom KPC10M 10" Monitor Speaker Cabinet with Horn (KPC10M)

kustom model kpc10m

One thing I noticed about beach resort facilities like their audio system is that it has poor quality.I just hope all resorts that offers special functions should invest on quality facilities especially in the audio equipment. They should provide high performing instruments that could justify their rental fees for the venue. Why not invest on audio equipment like  monitor speaker so that they will be able to attract more clients. If they thought they can save on poor quality instruments, they should think otherwise. They can actually save on kustom model kpc10m by availing it online. Oh wish I could have the courage next time to suggest to them what’s on my mind, anyway I am just after of their own good.

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