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Review Manual DOST SEI Scholarship Exam

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Living in Ultimate Humility and Patience

One of the common failures that all of us are mostly struggling about is our attitude towards handling conflicts with other people. We tend to curse those people whom we have an issue with, we are so quick to react that we forgot the value of patience and humility.
We can change this kind of attitude if we are willing enough to do so. We can look up to Jesus as our greatest example. Remember all those accusations, mockery, and physical pain that He endured on His way to Calvary? He just remain silent and calmly responded all the questions thrown at Him. You might say, “I’m not Jesus”. Yes, we are not Jesus but we can ask for His Grace and mercy to control our heart AND mouth whenever we are facing trials or unlikely people in our life.
I need to pray for that as well.

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My Big Kid Scout

My Little Big Boy

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Meet My Pretty Jerusha

Pretty Ate Gabbie

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Meet my Baby Jermaine

My mini ME

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My Christmas Wishlist

In less than 100 days, we ‘ll be celebrating the Holiday season once again. Time flew so fast indeed. Every Christmas, new things were happening. Two years back, I was still pregnant, then last year my baby’s 5 months older then this year, she’ll be a year and 5 months old! And so I have thought of this Christmas wishlist for my babies!

1. Good health for my whole family

2. Unlimited milk supplies for the three of them

3. Provision for our daily needs

4. Good and harmonious relationship with families and friends

5. Happy celebration with my family

6. Financial breakthrough

And may God grant all these desires in my heart.

Happy holiday!

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This Thing Called LIFE.

Today marks my 36th years of existence.

Out of that 36 years, is my 6 years mellow dramatic married life. And to be honest, I want to end up that chapter.

Why? Because I didn’t become a better person. Right now while writing this, I’m hurting. I’m in pain. And I could not even recognize myself anymore. This was not me 6 years ago. I’m a simple, God-fearing and obedient person. I’m kind, I was loved and respected. I’m not me anymore. I thought I would grow spiritually, emotionally but the opposite thing happen. That’s all because I’m blindly in love with a man whom I thought was my everything. I thought he would bring out the best in me. Instead, I’m slowly becoming a BEAST. No, he’s not a womanizer. But he’s that kind who would think more of himself than anyone else. He’s selfish. He’s so insensitive. He’s only kind to me when he needed something. So many times that he challenged my patience. So many times I tried to understand him. So many times I’m emotionally in pain and he didn’t even know how to say sorry. He showed his regrets through actions but he never uttered it. So lame.

If not for my the kids, I would have been gone to a place where I could find myself again.

But honestly, I want to just simply evaporate before I’ll be a stranger to myself completely.

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Enjoying Life Amidst Troubles

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Yes indeed! We need to enjoy the moment we have now because we’ll never know what will happen to us tomorrow and the next days to come. As what others would rather say, Make the most out of life today as if it’s the last day of your life.

But how?

How should you live your life when you are facing so many trials? How should you face all your trials when you don’t know what to do about it?

RELAX. It may sound so simple and EASIER SAID THAN DONE. But that’s the only thing we can do actually. RELAX and PRAY. There are situations that are beyond our control.

Let’s learn how to be reliant to God’s providence. To His amazing wonders- to His miracles. In that way- we can ENJOY life on HIS presence.


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Sometimes, life is hard to deal with.
Circumstances overwhelmed us, no matter how we tried to find joy in the midst of trouble, it’s hard and even harder if we are being pressured.
They said, in order to survive we need to overcome all the life’s issues and concerns and we need to adjust to the people in our surroundings.
The kind of people whom we dealt with everyday, are the same people who may break or make our day.
Those are the people who may lift us up or put us down.
The real challenge that we need to overcome is ourselves.
How we deal with pressures affects our emotion, our attitude and our thoughts.
How we deal with others matters most.
Reality check. People are tend to be insensitive sometimes.
Dealing with those kind of people is far more harder than dealing with a fool. But that’s life, and that’s part of our daily existence. However, we can still choose to ignore the situation or the person. What matters most is that you get to live by everyday with so much stories to tell in the future. A story that could spice up your life. And perhaps, it will brought us to the realization that those people are somehow part of the contributory factors that made us the total person that we ought to be:


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