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Picture Perfect: Two Weeks Before….

  This was taken two weeks before we said I do…. super l?ve it!

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WFW:Be Still…

  In a marriage relationship, it cannot be denied that the couples sometimes went through some difficulties. And for those who do not know how to cope it up usually results to marriage failures… But for those who anchor their … Continue reading

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MYM: My Ex- Boyfriend

Another entry for Mellow Yellow Thursday… My ex-boyfriend (Now my husband) ^_^

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PF: Endless Love

Why the ring is round? BEcause it means infinity… That is how a marriage relationship should be…. It shall never ends. Head on to Pink Thoughts for more of Pink Fridays

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RH Bill: What’s Your Stand?

What is your stand on Reproductive Health Bill? Are you caught in between? This has became the hot issue nowadays. People on Congress were on hot debate regarding this matter, some even took one’s opinion personally. The Church stressed out their … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect: Our Wedding Cake

This yummy Wedding Cake was sponsored by Ate Grace of A Walk To Remember. It is a chocolate cake and believe me it is really so delicious!

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WFW: Hebrews 7:25

If you are having trouble maintaining a harmonious relationship with your spouse, you must have been forgetting something… You might forget to seek forJesus’ help. As he said on His words, “Jesus is able to save completely those who come to … Continue reading

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Running the Race

Life is indeed beautiful when you shared it with somebody whom you want to be with for the rest of your life. I just did. I would say that marriage life is very challenging but somehow you will not feel … Continue reading

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Five Languages of Love….

One of the best wedding gifts that we received from our Principal Sponsor is the Love Languages Devotional by Gary Chapman. It is a daily devotional that will really open up our eyes in the reality of marriage and relationship. … Continue reading

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Is Baby On The Way?

I missed my period. Well, that is just one of the symptoms that I need to check if I am really pregnant or not. Anyway, I am not really sure if when was the last day of my menstrual period … Continue reading

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