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WFW: What’s Stopping You?

Everyday we are confronted with so many issues in life. It could be related to work, families, personal cares and so much more. We sometimes neglect the significance of God’s words. Instead of setting aside even just a little time … Continue reading

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Depotrust- Can I Trust It?

This morning, I have finally decided to consult my Ob-Gyne for the appropriate birth control method to use. I was accompanied by my colleague who’s also consulting for the same reason. Since we are a nursing Mom, our Doctor gave us two … Continue reading

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#147/366 BPC: Jollibee Fans Club

We were  invited today in a birthday party of my inaanak held at Jollibee Limketkai and we really had a good time. My nieces and nephew were there as well as my Mom. With their presence, it was sort of … Continue reading

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#144/366 BPC: That Thing We Called Relationship

Marriage relationship is meant to last forever. I just cannot understand how such a relationship that started so sweet  ends up torn and devastated… I admire those couple who started as quite bitter but ends up so sweet together… Let me … Continue reading

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WFW: His Words

Another inspiration for Word-Filled Wednesday  

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Introducing Enzyte 24/7

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vianda. All opinions are 100% mine. Married life is a continuous journey. Everyday, you will discover something new about your partner either negative or positive. It takes time, patience … Continue reading

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#141/366 Sshhh…. ;)

I don’t want to talk too much, he might be disturbed! LOL! I am linking this post to Blog Photo Challenge

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BPC 137/366/Wednesday Whites: I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore

Here’s a candid picture of my son. I have no idea why he cried this hard (because I was at work during that time. But just as the popular saying that goes: There’s a rainbow always after the rain… Here … Continue reading

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Need Help Please… or Maybe Just A Piece of An Advice ;)

After three months, my regular monthly cycle finally resumed and it scares me a little bit LOL! Scared of what? Well, it is normal for first time Moms (and even those who have enough experience) to get scare of getting … Continue reading

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My Hubby’s Ultimate Goal

Staying fit and looking great will boost one’s confidence. This is the ultimate goal of my hubby. To stay fit. I often teased him of having a big tummy disproportional to his not so big body structure. I even came to a … Continue reading

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