Are You a Dog Lover?

We used to have a dog when I was still a kid but my Mom gave it away when my sister got bitten by a stray dog and she was afraid that our dog might cause harm to others too. Well, we are not really a family of dog lovers. I appreciate high breed dogs but it never occurred to me to raise one. ¬†Besides, raising dogs need a lot of patience. I can’t stand long with barking dogs, I easily get annoyed whenever I heard one. It is not easy to train and tame dogs especially the wild ones. We used to have a neighbor before who keeps not one but many dogs in her house. According to her she loves their company. She felt more secured with her dogs. Well, I cannot protest against her because it was her right anyway. I just hate it every time they got a visitor because they just cannot control the dogs. Wish all dog owners will learn how to train their dogs from barking too much especially during night time where everybody has to rest. Or better yet, they should purchase¬†barking dog collars¬†which enables to stop dog from howling.

Static Bark Control Collars

Barking dog collars is available online so there’s no reason for them (the dog owners) not to have one.

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