Ballroom Dance Anyone?

Way back in College, I enjoyed English subject, I enjoyed my Drawing class, I learn to enjoy Math subject. I also enjoyed my Physical Education Class. I love Individual and Dual Sports but am not just good at all of them especially in our Ballroom Dance Lesson. I remember how I cried because I failed to perform the Rumba and Foxtrot. I do better in Cha cha and Swing but not with the first two. Good thing my dance partner was supportive enough that he was able to convince me by assuring me that he will lead me the steps. Well, that ballroom dance lessons earned me a B grade during our Final Performance Examination. Hmm, not really bad at all.

What a pose! Wish i could learn to dance someday

Well, actually ballroom dancing is a good sport. But not all are gifted with a graceful move like me so I better stick to where I truly excel: Drawing!

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