Better Live Performances With AirTurn BT-105

AirTurn BT-105 Page Turner

The AirTurn BT-105 Page Turner includes the Bluetooth Transmitter and two silent foot pedals.

When dining out with my hubby, I love places that has live band or acoustic performances. We are quite blessed because there are so many diners here in our place that offers nightly live bands. I had a friend who used to be my classmate too way back in college who performed live in a certain bar. She said performing live isn’t easy. The performer should prepare a lot of songs especially that some customers will have a request. They have to prepare old and new songs. Of course, getting the right lyrics is also very important. I understood when some performers have sheets in front of them which has all the lyrics that they need. It’s good thing that with the advance technology, they can use gadgets like their iPad or tablet for the lyrics of the song. And of course, along with that technology, they also need the new system of airturn bt 105 hands-free page turner which allows the performer to control their screen devices wirelessly and discreetly.

Now, isn’t it amazing?

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