Disciplining the Right Way

While having dinner one time together with my 3-year old daughter in one of the leading food chains, a little girl sitting next to our table suddenly lost grip of her drinks causing the soda to splash down to the floor. Accompanying her were two older ladies, I presumed one of them was her granny. Like any normal reactions, the older lady sitting next to her scolded her in quite bigger voice, big enough to cause others to look at their way. She even threatened her to call the guard. The reaction of the child was really scared. So scared that she stand behind the chair where her granny seated. Their other companion just continue to eat, while looking, and perhaps, listening to the other lady who continued to threaten the child that the guard will soon pick her up that they need to leave ASAP if she doesn’t want to get caught. The little girl cried (maybe out of fear) that when they are ready to leave, she gripped her granny’s shirt as if she was really scared of someone.

What I just witnessed made me realize something. I have two super hyper kids (5 & 3) and I am crossing my finger that the little one (8 months old baby) will grow up more tamed than her elder siblings. I often blow my top whenever they misbehaved. My son moves a lot, he cannot lay still in one position. He really loves to play and run. His younger sister imitated him. Most often than not, I keep on scolding my son in a manner where most stressed out Mom would do. I yelled at them, spanked them, and sometimes, even push them outside the door. Yeah, I did that twice to my son. But I didn’t say I love what I did. Because the truth is, every time I did something harsh to them, I cried thereafter. It made me wonder how cruel I could become to them if I will not learn how to control my temper.

The issue of discipline is very crucial for a Mom like me who talks a lot more than my hubby. I almost do all the decisions at home. That is why whenever I tend to loose my temper, he just keep quiet. He pacifies my children from crying when I cannot control myself anymore.

But after that one incident in the food chain one afternoon I realized that scolding our children, yelling at them, spanking them will do more harm than good to them. Although I let them understand afterward why I spanked them, still it is not a good sighting. Am not saying that, we, parents, should spare our rod. But the place of discipline should be discreet, not in public, because young as they are, they deserve some respect.

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