Don’t Talk to Strangers!

Can you still remember such reminder being uttered to you a dozen times by your loved ones especially your parents? As for me, yes. My Mom always reminded us before (back when I am still underage LOL!) to avoid talking to strangers especially if very suspicious looking person. It is indeed better to obey because we just don’t know anymore whom to trust to these days.

A lot of horrible things happened nowadays. You can hear about little girls being molested by an addict guy, a high school beauty being gang raped and the list could go on. By just merely thinking all these things I cannot help but worry for the future of my kids. All I could do now is to pray always for their safety. If our world isn’t that safe anymore right now, how about tomorrow and in the near future? How I wish I could find a particular place where people lives in conscience and respect for their fellowmen.

But as for now I could only say one thing for everyone, Don’t talk to strangers and be safe always. Or why not take this advice?

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