Hello December!

I can still vividly remember in my younger years how much I anticipated the month of December. Even as early as 1st day September where in some FM stations played Christmas songs already, I cannot contain my happiness anymore. I really love December. I remember how I prepared myself for the 9 Mornings with my family. That was really a very unforgettable experience.

However, as time goes by, now that I get older, things quite change. I do not have 9 Mornings anymore. The anticipation slowly fades. The kind of excitement that I once felt is diminishing. I really do not know. For the past two Christmas celebrations I felt like everything has changed. Or was it only me who really change?

Well, sometimes in our life, we tend to come to a point where we are quite confused and really do not know what to do. Sigh, I thought it’s only the teenagers who have such struggles. Anyway, I wish this December will change my bad perceptions.

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