Learning the Alphabet, Numbers & Shapes

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI guess it’s normal for parents to feel proud when their precious children accomplish something. Just like me, I am so proud with the learning progress of my little boy. He can almost recite the alphabet perfectly. He is also learning how to count. Though he cannot utter the words clearly yet but he’s showing progress somehow. This is how he sounds when he counts (usually my fingers or coins or anything that he can grab to):


2- “Cho”

3- “Treeee (prolong ‘e’)

4- ffffow (prolong ‘f’)

5- fffay

6- si

7- seeeen

8- ich

9- naaaaa

10- theeee

and a clap in the end with ‘yeeeeah!’

I also downloaded educational apps on my phone. Aside from alphabet and numbers, he is also familiarizing himself with the shapes- thanks to shape-o-toy of Tupperware. Out of the ten shapes (the star is his favorite), he found it difficult to match the two shapes, which is the arc and the trapezoid,because of its irregular shape. But it’s still two weeks since he started playing with it and I am patient enough to monitor his progress.

By the way, you can also see his video here

An entry for BPC September 2013, hosted by Mel of Happy Home

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2 Responses to Learning the Alphabet, Numbers & Shapes

  1. Mel Cole says:

    Way the go big guy! It’s amazing to see the learning process that kids absorb every day gyud mommy nu.. BTW, teacher man to imo profession, mommy sa?

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