My Advocacy In Life

Being a teacher, I played a very crucial role in molding my students to help them become a responsible citizen. I made it a point to become my advocacy ever since I accepted this teaching job. However,it was not that easy as I thought it would be. My students have came from different upbringing. Some are manageable while there are those who will really test your patience to the limit.

I have encountered lots of students, from college down to Grade 7. And I must say, maturity comes not with our chronological age. There are Grade 7 who can easily get every task you assigned to them, While there are College students who just can’t get the instruction once. Sounds quite funny, but that is the sad reality.

So now, I was greatly challenged with this advocacy. It became a burden to me and I need to do something about it. Right now,I am handling an advisory class in Grade 10. Mind you, not all are behaving in accordance to their age. Such students will really push you to the limit. Somehow, they are teaching me one lesson- to go on and must not give up on them because that is my advocacy in life.

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