My Ideal Home

Being an Architectural Drafting graduate, I truly appreciate great architecture designs. However, building our houses following a standard architectural designs can be too costly especially now that the construction materials are really expensive. But, being creative can do so many wonders even if you knew only a few about architectural standards. I was indeed fascinated with this house built by a very creative father. He designed this fairy tale home for his family. Oh by the way, have you watched that movie of Shreik? I guess it is where Simon (the owner/designer) got his idea.

All pictures are credited to him (the owner):

This is the floor plan:

Hobbit Home Plan

And this is the exterior:

Hobbit Home

Hobbit Home Outside

But there’s more in the interior!

Hobbit Home Interior

A beautiful view in another home that Simon is helping build for someone else. (Originally, this was mistakenly identified as a photo of the home he and his family are living in.)

Hobbit Home Stove and Play Area

Hobbit Home

Hobbit Home View from Loft

And wanna know the Architect who built this amazing creation in just FOUR MONTHS? None other than the owner himself!

Simon Dale, his wife Jasmine Saville, and their two children.

I wish I could have the same home design though it is quite impossible to build such kind in the city. But in fairness, the fairy tale home is indeed a great masterpiece!

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