Prying Eyes

Call me old school

Call me traditional

Call me conservative

But that’s me.  Partly I am millennial, partly I am ancient.

Almost everyday I am surrounded with my millennial students. I almost memorize their language, their moves, their get ups, their likes as well as dislikes. Suffice to say, If I am to compare the youth now and then-there’s a huge difference! And teacher as I am, I felt obligated in correcting anything they do or say that I find quite unbecoming. I have this prying eyes that easily get distracted when I saw something that is unfitting. That is why I often speak what’s on my mind. And because of that I am oftentimes MISUNDERSTOOD.

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Creating and Recording Memories

Change is coming indeed! We just bade goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017. People from all walks of life desire nothing but the best as the new year unfolds. As for me and my family, we are just thankful to God for His unfailing love and faithfulness. Since Christmas break is over, we are now heading to the realities of life- back to work and back to the place where our skills and expertise are badly needed. But then, all of these are just necessary in order for us to live our life the way we wanted it to be. That short holiday break have somehow gave us new inspirations to work harder in order to enjoy the fruit of our labor when the year ends again. That inspiration would even become better memories if we were just able to create memories by way of recording videos of those crazy and jolly moments that we’ve enjoyed together with our family. As we all know, people are very much into creating memories and sharing it to the whole wide world through the social media. Furthermore, social media may not be the only way of preserving those memories- people can also try using audio recording with the use of apollo duo or any recording medium to capture those karaoke singing sessions and a whole lot more. Indeed, it is such a good feeling to go back down to memory lane once in a while.

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Better Live Performances With AirTurn BT-105

AirTurn BT-105 Page Turner

The AirTurn BT-105 Page Turner includes the Bluetooth Transmitter and two silent foot pedals.

When dining out with my hubby, I love places that has live band or acoustic performances. We are quite blessed because there are so many diners here in our place that offers nightly live bands. I had a friend who used to be my classmate too way back in college who performed live in a certain bar. She said performing live isn’t easy. The performer should prepare a lot of songs especially that some customers will have a request. They have to prepare old and new songs. Of course, getting the right lyrics is also very important. I understood when some performers have sheets in front of them which has all the lyrics that they need. It’s good thing that with the advance technology, they can use gadgets like their iPad or tablet for the lyrics of the song. And of course, along with that technology, they also need the new system of airturn bt 105 hands-free page turner which allows the performer to control their screen devices wirelessly and discreetly.

Now, isn’t it amazing?

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The Effect of Social Media To Young Generations

Latest technologies, latest discoveries and almost everything about latest updates, you can find and read it in social media. I have nothing against it, however, I am just a little bit scared of the effect of social media to the future generations.

Yes, it is true that signing up in any social media platforms has its terms and conditions (if I am not mistaken). And it was clearly stated there that one must be 18 years of age for him to sign up. However, such term became rubbish. Ask my three nieces who are still in grade level, they all have facebook accounts and I just cannot blame them. Facebook is open for 18 years and above only yet they have fb games that are meant to be played by, well, young minded. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. However, how can we protect the little ones from the harmful influences brought by social media? One can post anything on twitter, facebook and other social media accounts without any restrictions. Though one can report anyone posting anything inappropriate as a spam and can block the user but again, it has to be visible first on the wall which is possibly already viewed by the public before it can be reported as spam and blocked. I am not sure if you get what I am trying to say, or even aware about reporting the post as spam and blocking the owner.

My only point here is that, can facebook and other social media platforms assign anyone to act as administrator who will evaluate the post/pictures if it is appropriate or not before it can be visible? Well, with the different languages that we have and with so many socail media account users around the globe with different nationalities, it is somewhat impossible. Or maybe, the least thing that we could do as a parents is by going back to the basic- delimit your children to the usage of social media websites. I guess, that is realistic in every home, but I cannot really tell if such guidance can still continue even in school. Social media is good if and only if being utilized to share good things and inspiring stories only. However, social media is also an avenue that wreck happy relationships, the medium for bad influences and gateway to satisfy selfish interests.

I can only hope for the better.

By the way, I took fb as an example because it is the most popular so far (based on my own assessments) among children under 18 years of age.

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Get The New Cerwin Vega P1800SX at Musicians Friend


If you want to have a superb sound for your party or any important events, get the new Cerwin Vega P1800SX Portable sub-woofer speaker. You can be sure of its high quality sound and durability. Cerwin Vega has been known for its professional quality sound system so you could never go wrong with them. If you are a mobile DJ, bring along this powered sub-woofer speaker wherever you are and enjoy the powerful sound quality. You can avail Cerwin Vega P1800SX at musicians friend, the trusted online store for musical instruments.

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Don’t Talk to Strangers!

Can you still remember such reminder being uttered to you a dozen times by your loved ones especially your parents? As for me, yes. My Mom always reminded us before (back when I am still underage LOL!) to avoid talking to strangers especially if very suspicious looking person. It is indeed better to obey because we just don’t know anymore whom to trust to these days.

A lot of horrible things happened nowadays. You can hear about little girls being molested by an addict guy, a high school beauty being gang raped and the list could go on. By just merely thinking all these things I cannot help but worry for the future of my kids. All I could do now is to pray always for their safety. If our world isn’t that safe anymore right now, how about tomorrow and in the near future? How I wish I could find a particular place where people lives in conscience and respect for their fellowmen.

But as for now I could only say one thing for everyone, Don’t talk to strangers and be safe always. Or why not take this advice?

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Praying for Tascam DR40 for my Hubby

I am thankful enough how my Hubby uses his skills to glorify God. Aside from being the sound technician in our church, he also initiated the recording of all the sermons of our preacher. Once the recording is done, he spend time editing the audio by deleting all those words uttered repeatedly and he will also put some soft music in the background. However, since he is just using our laptop in recording, there was an instance once wherein all his recordings were gone. A problem occurred in our laptop that it totally deleted the recording file that he did one particular Sunday. I told him he should have some sort of a backup for all his recordings or better yet he should use a separate audio recorder to ensure that all his record files will be safe and such problem will not happen again. Wish I could have enough funds to buy tascam dr40 handheld digital audio recorder so he won’t have a hard time also bringing our laptop every Sunday.

Tascam DR-40 4-Track Handheld Digital Audio Recorder

By the way, all his edited preaching audios can be downloaded through Sound Cloud just type BLESSED HOPE on the search box.

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Zinc for My Babies

Because of the unpredictable weather these past few days, cough and cold seems to invade humanity. These are the contagious diseases that I hated the most to affect my babies and yet it really does. But whenever my babies got cough and cold, I do not give them cold or cough medicines anymore. Before, I gave cough medicine plus antibiotic for my baby boy but I realized that it could cause an adverse reaction to him so I stop. Right now, I just continue giving them Vitamin C with Zinc. I read from an article that zinc can cure cold and even flu. Studies show that zinc have effects against viruses. It may not help preventing my babies from cold but at least it will shorten cold symptom duration. By the way, I gave them Ceelin Plus with Zinc. Health is my number one priority for my family.

Take care everyone!

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My Ideal Home

Being an Architectural Drafting graduate, I truly appreciate great architecture designs. However, building our houses following a standard architectural designs can be too costly especially now that the construction materials are really expensive. But, being creative can do so many wonders even if you knew only a few about architectural standards. I was indeed fascinated with this house built by a very creative father. He designed this fairy tale home for his family. Oh by the way, have you watched that movie of Shreik? I guess it is where Simon (the owner/designer) got his idea.

All pictures are credited to him (the owner):

This is the floor plan:

Hobbit Home Plan

And this is the exterior:

Hobbit Home

Hobbit Home Outside

But there’s more in the interior!

Hobbit Home Interior

A beautiful view in another home that Simon is helping build for someone else. (Originally, this was mistakenly identified as a photo of the home he and his family are living in.)

Hobbit Home Stove and Play Area

Hobbit Home

Hobbit Home View from Loft

And wanna know the Architect who built this amazing creation in just FOUR MONTHS? None other than the owner himself!

Simon Dale, his wife Jasmine Saville, and their two children.

I wish I could have the same home design though it is quite impossible to build such kind in the city. But in fairness, the fairy tale home is indeed a great masterpiece!

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Introducing: Eldermark

I am so happy that with my eight years in teaching College students, I grow in terms of maturity. Who wouldn’t? You’ll be dealing mostly spoiled brat young adults who tried to speak their mind even if it is not actually right. But no matter how spoiled brat they might be, I am proud to say that most of those who go back to school to visit me after finishing their studies are already very successful one with their chosen career.

The latest one who visited me often is Felipe (not his real name to protect his identity. He graduated in Education yet he didn’t apply his field. Instead, he is now working as a Medical Representative (Med Rep) of a very respectable pharmaceutical company. As for me, he just did the right thing. Felipe isn’t really that confident to become a teacher and he says he is more  into Sales and travels than being surrounded with unruly students. He comes to school often to conduct survey or lectures among students including mine. I just admired how he was able to earn a lot as Med Rep.

Being a Med Rep according to him needs a lot of considerations.  Good thing his employer gave them high end gadget with free limited services such as iPod where he could actually do his task anywhere, anytime. Well, I just hope he could visit the site at so he will get more ideas about what I am talking about.

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