Hello 2014!

Finally 2013 is over, let’s welcome 2014!

2013 is such a challenging year I should say. I really do not have a lot of good things to say except that my patience, tolerance and self-control have gone beyond its limit. Suffice to say, I am totally at loss in 2013. Maybe the only good things that happened to me last year was the birth of my little angel, Jerusha Gabrielle. Nevertheless, I am still thankful to God for the strength and wisdom that He has given me all the way. Despite the challenges, I was able to stand up and moved on. I just hope that everything will be best in 2014. I am praying for an appointment with the DepEd in 2014, I am also praying for good health for my entire family. May God gives me more courage and patience to hold on with life’s adversaries. And may He renew my conviction and faith as well as elf-control against temper.

Anyway, happy New Year to one and all!

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Hello December!

I can still vividly remember in my younger years how much I anticipated the month of December. Even as early as 1st day September where in some FM stations played Christmas songs already, I cannot contain my happiness anymore. I really love December. I remember how I prepared myself for the 9 Mornings with my family. That was really a very unforgettable experience.

However, as time goes by, now that I get older, things quite change. I do not have 9 Mornings anymore. The anticipation slowly fades. The kind of excitement that I once felt is diminishing. I really do not know. For the past two Christmas celebrations I felt like everything has changed. Or was it only me who really change?

Well, sometimes in our life, we tend to come to a point where we are quite confused and really do not know what to do. Sigh, I thought it’s only the teenagers who have such struggles. Anyway, I wish this December will change my bad perceptions.

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Are You a Dog Lover?

We used to have a dog when I was still a kid but my Mom gave it away when my sister got bitten by a stray dog and she was afraid that our dog might cause harm to others too. Well, we are not really a family of dog lovers. I appreciate high breed dogs but it never occurred to me to raise one.  Besides, raising dogs need a lot of patience. I can’t stand long with barking dogs, I easily get annoyed whenever I heard one. It is not easy to train and tame dogs especially the wild ones. We used to have a neighbor before who keeps not one but many dogs in her house. According to her she loves their company. She felt more secured with her dogs. Well, I cannot protest against her because it was her right anyway. I just hate it every time they got a visitor because they just cannot control the dogs. Wish all dog owners will learn how to train their dogs from barking too much especially during night time where everybody has to rest. Or better yet, they should purchase barking dog collars which enables to stop dog from howling.

Static Bark Control Collars

Barking dog collars is available online so there’s no reason for them (the dog owners) not to have one.

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V for Victory

T’was a sunny day on a Sunday and it’s Mom & co.’s Victory Party! Barely one month after the election, they finally have their Victory Party at Sonrisa Vista Resort in Bayabas, CDO. It was my first time to be there. The place was good though it’s too crowded because it’s Sunday. It is not just a beach resort, they have aviary, an Indian House made of colored roof but with Air conditioner, a bamboo cottages, and a mini wild park. I can say that the resort is conducive for large gathering with their bigger open cottages. The ambiance is quite good too. But what excite me the most was that it was my Babie Gregory’s first swimming experience! He was a little bit scared good thing his cousins were with him.

I am looking forward of going back there for a night swimming and try to stay at their Indian House… was it called a tepees? Hmm, let me do the research later. LOL

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Ballroom Dance Anyone?

Way back in College, I enjoyed English subject, I enjoyed my Drawing class, I learn to enjoy Math subject. I also enjoyed my Physical Education Class. I love Individual and Dual Sports but am not just good at all of them especially in our Ballroom Dance Lesson. I remember how I cried because I failed to perform the Rumba and Foxtrot. I do better in Cha cha and Swing but not with the first two. Good thing my dance partner was supportive enough that he was able to convince me by assuring me that he will lead me the steps. Well, that ballroom dance lessons earned me a B grade during our Final Performance Examination. Hmm, not really bad at all.

What a pose! Wish i could learn to dance someday

Well, actually ballroom dancing is a good sport. But not all are gifted with a graceful move like me so I better stick to where I truly excel: Drawing!

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A Moment with Moment Cam

Let me share you something.

Actually I love to sketch and I love seeing myself in a sketch. However, I am not really good in sketching. Yes, I can draw but never expect me to draw exactly what I see because the truth is, I draw from my imagination. Period.

Then a lot of computer apps offer sketching wherein you can turn your picture into a sketch automatically. However, am not satisfied with all of them. Then Moment Cam came. I tried using it and guess what? I so love it! In fact I really enjoyed doing it. Right now, I created another moment cam photos with my hubby and babies, wanna see it?

Family Picture LOL!

Family Picture LOL!

So, wanna try it too? Download it now with Google Play!

wanna try?

wanna try?


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An Elegant Gift From MK Jewelry

Most women have their collections. It could be shoes, cosmetics, dresses, accessories and even jewelries! I for one, I love jewelries but mind you, what I have right now is mostly given by my two sisters abroad. Both of them love it but when they feel like giving it away, they always think of me LOL!

I am not really into jewelry but I do appreciate it much if somebody will give me something that I can wear on especially during special occasion. I love collecting rings and bracelets more than anything else. I am not the type who overdo when it comes to wearing of jewelries. As much as possible, I want to keep it simple. I do not want to look like a walking jewelry holder. As long as I wear a ring and bracelet, I can already go to any party.

What type of ring do I like most?

Aside from my wedding ring, I love to wear ring with special stone. Regardless with the size as long as it looks good on me, I will love it. I found one from MK Jewelry. It has an inset turquoise and though it is not my birthstone, but I love the color of it as well as its crystals too! Isn’t this a great gift idea?

Michael Kors Pave Turquoise-Inset Ring, Silver Color - Size 6

MK Pave Turquoise- Inset Ring

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One Fine Day

T’was Wednesday, no class schedule but have some bills to pay so I have to go out though I preferred to just simply lie down and cuddled my little princess. When I was about to go, I realized that my Baby Kuya needs some break too so I decided to tag him along with me together with my Hubby. We went to Lim Ket Kai hoping that my Baby Kuya will enjoy the rides at the Worlds of Fun.

But no, he seems so afraid to take the ride! It was absolutely different from 11 months ago, his first ride experience. So I have to ride along with him.

taken 11 months ago…

taken 2 days ago 😉

Hmmm anyway, we had our lunch at Jollibee and I discovered new food for him which he also love: Mashed Potato with gravy! My little princess, Baby Jerusha will surely get jealous if she could only read this LOL!

image not mine

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Rising After The Storm

The aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda caused not only shattered dreams but broken homes as well. I mean, literally, I am referring to the structures and even bigger infrastructures that supposedly symbolizes development and hope for every Filipinos. I know the path to recovery is somewhat bleak specially for those remote areas that seems forgotten. Relying to Philippine Government alone, rehabilitation of all those damages will take a lot of time, effort and money. However, considering that more helps keep pouring in here and abroad, I just hope that the hopeless situation of those places that were severely affected will be lessen.

Rehabilitating and rebuilding all those damages is not a piece of a cake. If I were to suggest, I prefer that a concrete permanent shelter that could house multiple number of families will be conceptualized and realized. And maybe we can copy the kind of technology that was being used in Japan which is a sensor that could detect any possible tidal waves. The structures should be sturdy enough that can stand firm against any threat of storm surge (which believed to be the main culprit of massive destruction during the typhoon).

Aside from the permanent shelter, school buildings should be built too with complete facilities like tables and chairs. All the woodwork and metalwork should be done meticulously. It should be strong as well. Woodworking can be done by those competent carpenters who were among the victims, so with metalworking. The government can help them more by giving them this kind of job opportunities. Aside from the opportunities, complete materials should be provided as well to expedite the construction. Considering that there’s limited available transportation to do the marketing for the materials, it is a option to consider buying online. When you do online purchase for materials like reid supply vise accessories, be sure that you are purchasing from a secure and reliable online store.

God bless Philippines!

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Love @ First Sight: A Great Post From a Son to His Mother

Hey, do you really believe in love at first sight? Well, if you are the pessimistic type maybe because you’ve been heartbroken before or maybe you’re still nursing a wounded heart right now, then let me prove to you that indeed love at first sight is very true.

This is a repost of a son’s message to her doting mother:


I Believe in love at first sight and that love lasts forever…

Coz, I’ve loved this woman from the moment I could open my eyes… and I will continue to love her even when I have closed them forever..

To the Best Mom in the whole wide world,
Happy happy birthday!! I can never put into words everything that I would want to tell you… You gave life to me and you gave up so many things just so I could keep that life… I know I can never repay you for everything you have done for me… but that won’t stop me from trying.  There really are things in this world that nothing can ever replace… one of those would definitely be you, mee.

As you can see in the photos, you are so many different things to me.. My Mom, my first playmate, my bestfriend, my confidante, my protector (from hurtful words and even from dad’s discipline long ago.. hehehe..), my disciplinarian, my queen, my intercessor, my doctor (prescribe diri prescribe didto.. hehe) my partner (in eating and all other things… ^_^) and even my kakulitan at times… thanks mom for everything…

Many people call me “Superman”… they just don’t know I wouldn’t be like this without the “Superwoman” of my life… Thanks for always being there, mee.

They say that a Guy who treats his girl like a PRINCESS proves that he was raised by a QUEEN… someday mee, that girl will thank you for how you raised me.

You really are one of my best teachers in “LOVE”.. you taught me that Love is indeed blind.. because you LOVED me BEFORE you even saw my face..

Mura pud di ka ug si Christ mee noh?

I love you because you first loved me..  Ayeee!! Hahaha!

I’m so proud to shout to the world that you are my mom and there is no other MamiMila Udang! Mamatay sila sa inggit coz I have the best MOM in the world! hahaha!

Happy birthday Mee! Love you! I pray for more years to come in your life and more life in your years.  stay beautiful!

So sweet, indeed! Love at first sight is not only applicable for boy-girl relationship. Joshua is right with what he said: Coz, I’ve loved this woman from the moment I could open my eyes… and I will continue to love her even when I have closed them forever.. Not all mothers are privilege enough to receive such comment from their children. Right now, it is a fact that some parents disown their children, more so, some children disown their parents.

To you Ninang Mila, indeed Joshua, Jonathan and Jason are so blessed to have a mother like you. We are blessed too to have such a very concerned Ninang. Junie and I will forever be grateful for everything you and your family has done for us. I know for sure that God will continue to bless you because you have such a heart that is very much willing to bless others.

We love you. Happy happy birthday!

From Junie, Jeush Gregory, Jerusha Gabrielle and I

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