Praying for Tascam DR40 for my Hubby

I am thankful enough how my Hubby uses his skills to glorify God. Aside from being the sound technician in our church, he also initiated the recording of all the sermons of our preacher. Once the recording is done, he spend time editing the audio by deleting all those words uttered repeatedly and he will also put some soft music in the background. However, since he is just using our laptop in recording, there was an instance once wherein all his recordings were gone. A problem occurred in our laptop that it totally deleted the recording file that he did one particular Sunday. I told him he should have some sort of a backup for all his recordings or better yet he should use a separate audio recorder to ensure that all his record files will be safe and such problem will not happen again. Wish I could have enough funds to buy tascam dr40 handheld digital audio recorder so he won’t have a hard time also bringing our laptop every Sunday.

Tascam DR-40 4-Track Handheld Digital Audio Recorder

By the way, all his edited preaching audios can be downloaded through Sound Cloud just type BLESSED HOPE on the search box.

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