Proud Mama Indeed

I just bought a cheaper version of tablet PC through Lazada using my discount voucher amounting to P1,000.00 (not really bad after all). The main purpose why I chose the gadget instead of fashion apparels and accessories was for my son. I have some applications for him downloaded on my phone, yet the screen of my Android phone was too small that it didn’t interest him that much whenever I tried to let him play the new app. Now that I have the tablet, I downloaded not only educational apps, I also have some interactive games like Fruit Ninja that he enjoyed much. My hubby also saved some videos for him from Leap Frog and Barney and other resources. The latest apps I downloaded was the Kids Trace Letters. But it is not the tracing skills that I admired most about this app, it’s the fact that my son can already identify letters and numbers! His development was indeed amazing! Glory to God!

download through Google Play for free!

download through Google Play for free!

I didn’t forced him to trace the letters yet because every time he did it, he’ll be doodling instead of tracing the letters. I will let him identify the characters first then I click the forward button for the next character. As a toddler of less than 2 years old, I can say that such development was amazing indeed. That’s from the view point of a very proud Mama!

That (pic) was his morning session with the tab. From Learning the Alphabet, Numbers and Shapes, comes next is the familiarization and identification! Yes to my future Summa Cum Laude son! (Amen!)

I love you Kuya Jeush Gregory!


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